New Products & Solutions
New Products & Solutions

A Commitment To Advancing Catheter Manufacturing Technology 

Machine Solutions is committed to providing the most innovative, cutting-edge solutions to our engineering customers.  Browse the page below, and learn about the latest in manufacturing for Balloon Catheters, Stent Crimping, Catheter Tipping, Tube Bonding, Testing, Braided Shaft, and Lamination.

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Bobbin Winding Machines

Solutions Group: Braiding

Designed to prevent tangles, breaks, kinks and twists during the braid process, SteegerUSA’s fine wire and bobbin winding solutions ensure that bobbin material is levelly loaded onto the spool, with accurate tensioning and strict process control.

These CE compliant machines are designed to accommodate different variants in customer specified requirements such as bobbin loading compacity (quantity), ends per single bobbing, tension load ranges and material payoff reel sizes.


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Textile Reinforced Balloon Braider

Traditionally, medical balloons made from materials such as nylon, PEBA, or PET have been limited by their single-layer design. Steeger’s innovative solution involves the integration of a braid structure, resulting in a significant enhancement of strength and achieving higher burst pressures than previously attainable.

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New Balloon Folding Machine (Model FFS475i)

Solutions Group: Balloon Catheter

Machine Solutions latest balloon folding machine allows for increased throughput by running the pleat and fold operations simultaneously. This reduces cycle time by almost 50% allowing for more products to be manufactured at a single workstation with no increase in labor costs. 1

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4-Up Vertical Balloon Former (Model 1555)

Solutions Group:  Balloon Catheter

The 1555 Balloon machine is designed for the production of a wide range of different high-quality plastic balloons and convinces with its small footprint for optimal use of production floor space. The vertical layout is ideal for a primary-secondary concept, where up to three additional machines can be connected to gradually meet growing production demands.

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Automated Catheter Tipping Machine

Solutions Group:  Catheter Tipping

The Vante Onyx bench top catheter tipping system can be upgraded to include this automation package.  Equipped with this robot arm, the machine requires minimal operator interface for sustained continuous production of high-volume production catheter tips.

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3-Up Automated Necking Platform (Model 833B) 

Solutions Group:  Balloon Catheters

This 3-Up Necking Machines reduce the outside diameter of thermoplastic tubes.  Tubing is heated to a temperature at which the yield strength of material is substantially reduced. The dimensional change is then accomplished by stretching the material in an axial direction. Common applications include: catheter shaft neck-down, heat shrink tubing sizing, polymer tubing layering and tubing jacketing (e.g. jacketing S.S. hypotube shafts or wire braids with polymer tubing).

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Catheter Testing Pneumatic Roller System

Solutions Group: Testing

Upgrade from the standard roller system.

  • Allows clamp pressure to be consistent through product tappers/ transitions.
  • Easy setup for large multi-sized comparative sample.
  • Can be integrated into IDTE3000 software to allow opening and closing of the clamps throughout a run to better simulate surgeons’ process.
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