Axial Compression Bonding Machine Provides High Quality, Repeatable Butt Joints for Medical Device Manufacturers

Posted July 22nd, 2008 in News & Updates

Campbell, Ca. July 22, 2008 – Beahm Designs Inc, specializing in thermoplastic welding solutions announced the release of a new Axial Compression bonding machine, featuring MICRO- AUTOMATION. This machine provides medical device companies with a first time “Hands-Free” alternative for the exacting process of butt welding two faces of polymer tubing.

Medical Device engineers are often faced with the task of designing and manufacturing small diameter catheter shafts with ultra smooth bond transitions. This is accomplished by bonding the faces of two polymer tubing’s resulting in a butt joint. However, butt welds are inherently weak bonds and difficult to perform in a repeatable, automated fashion.

The Axial Compression bonding machine provides a unique solution for engineers and technician by offering strict, automated control of the axial force needed to create reliable and repeatable joints. Effectively welding polymer tubing’s such as single to multi lumen braided shafts, the Axial Compression tube bonding system features necessary parameter control such as grip pressure, heat duration, cool duration and axial force. The welding jaws are customized with up to six different sized openings along the length of the jaw. This feature allows the operator to weld several shaft sizes without changing any of the components.

The machine is simple to operate, performing each weld within 5-30 seconds, depending on the material and tubing size. Weld areas as narrow as 1 mm can be achieved. The optional “Vision System”, utilizing a LCD display and a video camera with variable magnification, improves precise component positioning.


About Beahm Designs Beahm Designs Inc., located in Campbell, California, is an industry leader in supplying national and global catheter manufacturers with premier manufacturing equipment. Providing the optimum cost/quality catheter tube processing solutions including Shrinking, Bonding, Tipping, Necking and flaring equipment, Beahm Designs equipment provides solutions for improved catheter productivity, repeatability and ease of use.

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