Beahm Designs, Inc. Launches Catheter Bond and Tube Fusion Workshop Series

Posted December 1st, 2011 in News & Updates

Medical device manufacturers invited to attend live demonstrations of Catheter Balloon Bonding, Tube-to-Tube Butt Welding and Overlap joints at Los Gatos, CA applications lab

Los Gatos, CA – (December 1, 2011) Beahm Designs, Inc. announces the first in a series of hands-on application workshops designed to teach catheter processing engineers new techniques for optimizing manufacturing processes and yield. The first session in this multi-part series, a Tube Fusion Workshop is scheduled for Friday, January 13th from 3-6:00 pm.

The Tube Fusion Workshop will display the full line of Beahm Designs catheter tube bonding machines, such as balloon bonding, lap joint machines and butt welding systems. These industry-standard machines are widely known for facilitating the ability to pre-shrink, bond or fuse components together by applying heat and radial compression. These proven systems offer process stability, are highly configurable and provide cost relief when compared to RF bonding.

Participants will learn to eliminate operator dependency, observe innovative processes and proven ‘best practices’ for effectively operating these systems more efficiently. The hands-on aspect offers an individualistic approach to learning.

Beahm Designs founder Brian Beahm states “We’re pleased to offer new or prospective customers the opportunity to bring in materials and test our equipment before committing, and to provide current customers with feedback for improving results. It’s important to us to provide the best possible experience for our customers, and sometimes that involves a hands-on approach”.

Beahm Designs Catheter Manufacturing Workshop Series will be offered free of charge to pre- registered attendees. More information is available at:


About Beahm Designs Beahm Designs, Inc. is recognized as a global leader in designing, producing and supplying proven and cost-effective solutions to meet catheter design and manufacturing demands. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, this privately held company combines innovation and quality with competitive pricing, short lead times and excellent customer service. From tipping and necking to fusing, bonding and shrinking, Beahm Designs provides a full spectrum of proven solutions to catheter manufacturers worldwide.

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