Beahm Designs’ Revolutionizes Heat Shrink Removal of Laminated Catheter Shafts

Posted April 19th, 2015 in News & Updates

New Table-Top Tube Slitter Product Suite Provides Simple Solution to Key Manufacturing Challenge

Milpitas, CA – (April, 2015) Beahm Designs Inc, a Silicon Valley-based innovator in catheter manufacturing equipment today announced the release of a table-top tube slitter product suite. The Stripper is released as a series of 3 new products, offering device manufactures a range of efficient solutions designed to speed and simplify a formerly tedious, labor-intense process.

Until now, thermoplastic tubing that has been laminated or reflowed, requires a time-consuming manual removal process, often resulting in damage to the underlying product. Numerous customer trials have shown Beahm Designs Stripper tools leave tubing products untouched and intact.

This new product suite offers options equally effective for both R&D and mass production environments.

Functional Overview

A guide pin slides between the heat shrink layer and over the laminated product. As the shaft subassembly is advanced, the heat shrink layer is guided into the long-life blade, creating a longitudinal slit through the heat shrink, and facilitating simple peel-away removal. This simple process only takes seconds to complete.

Adjusts to Individual Specifications

The Stripper offers fully adjustable guide/blade height to accommodate diameters from .040” to .25” standard (larger sizes available upon request).

Long Blade Life

Specialized blades enable these new devices to out-perform traditional stainless steel blades though superior hardness, greater corrosion resistance and a chemically inert, naturally non-stick surface.

Delivering Unprecedented Results

“So I thought the fixture was brilliant; the parts went gliding through in 10 seconds, FEP slit perfectly, catheters undamaged.” -Patrick Vandenberg, Device Engineer


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