Catheter Tube Bonding System Maximizes Decreases Cycle Times and Process Steps

Posted January 13th, 2012 in News & Updates

Catheter Manufacturing machine, Split Die Thermal Bonder 620B combines two process steps into one machine.

Los Gatos, CA – (January 13, 2012) Beahm Designs Inc. announces the release of new catheter manufacturing system, the Split Die Thermal Bonder 620B, offering catheter manufacturers a unique single solution to multi-process requirements.

Current technology requires the use of two separate piece of equipment, a hot air station and a hot air or RF bonder to perform a single process. The Split Die Thermal Bonder offers operators the ability to pre- shrink, bond or fuse two differently-sized components together by applying heat and radial compression through an exclusive binary design. Two heat/cool process cycles combined with dual die head bores allows for pre-shrink and weld processes within a single process cycle.

This new development provides a low cost, quick tool alternative to RF die bonding of parts with varying diameter and radius requirements. The combination of both processes into one machine eliminates operator dependency, reduces the likelihood of error and increases yield.

First released for beta testing in 2011, this proven technology is being introduced in catheter manufacturing labs throughout the US.

One System, Multiple Functions

The Split Die Thermal Bonder 620B assists operators in formulating a wide range of bond widths and diameters including very narrow weld profiles. Catheter manufacturers benefit from the ability to perform highly precise bonds for demanding applications such as short balloon bonds and ultra-smooth lap and butt welds.

“Quality tube bonding is the result of proper interfacing of material, tooling and heat delivery. The Beahm Designs Pre-Shrink/Bonding system elegantly brings these dynamics together to product high repeatability and yield” Said Ray Betelia, Catheter Engineer.

Developed to meet customer demand for improved efficiency, the Beahm Designs Split Die Thermal Bonder 620B is designed to improve operations under a single system profile. Users are reporting increased output of up to 80%, in addition to a consistent reduction in operator error.


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