Catheter Tube Processing Equipment Supplier Expands Innovative Workshop Series

Posted November 19th, 2012 in News & Updates

Medical device manufacturers can attend online or in person at Los Gatos, CA applications lab

Los Gatos, CA – (November, 2012) Beahm Designs, Inc. expands workshop series to include customer site visits and web-based tutorials in addition to sessions held at their Los Gatos, CA applications lab. These proprietary workshops are designed to teach catheter processing engineers new techniques for optimizing manufacturing processes and performance, incorporating machines for hands-on demonstration. Since launching in 2011, Beahm Designs popular Tube Fusion Workshop has assisted dozens of manufacturing teams nation-wide in identifying the best solutions for their unique processes, saving them time and money.

The Tube Fusion Workshop began as an opportunity to demonstrate the full line of Beahm Designs bonding machines, industry-standard equipment widely known for facilitating the ability to pre-shrink, bond or fuse components together by applying heat and radial compression. As the workshop series expands to on-site customer visits, however, the need for expertise in identifying solutions to unique processing needs becomes more evident.

Participants learn innovative processes and proven ‘best practices’ for effectively operating the systems they’re already using more efficiently, often comparing competitive technologies to identify the best solution. The on-site aspect offers an individualistic approach to problem solving in a secure and confidential environment. Beahm Designs’ founder Brian Beahm draws upon twenty-five years of medical device industry experience to assist manufacturers in identifying the right materials, processed equipment for their unique requirements.

Beahm Designs founder Brian Beahm states “We’re pleased to offer current or prospective customers the opportunity to use their materials to test our equipment before committing, and to provide current customers with feedback for improving results. Too often I’ve seen manufacturers invest in the wrong equipment for their particular process, and they don’t get the results their looking for. It’s important to us to provide the best possible experience for our customers, and sometimes that involves a hands-on approach”.

Beahm Designs Catheter Manufacturing Workshop Series will be offered free of charge to pre- registered attendees. More information is available at:


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