Catheter Tube Welding Product Profile Nominated by Industry Media Group for Best of 2013

Posted October 20th, 2013 in News & Updates

Beahm Designs Multi-Welder 620B Press Release among MPMN’s Top Product/Services of 2013

Los Gatos, CA – (October, 2013) Beahm Designs Inc, a Silicon Valley-based innovator in catheter manufacturing equipment, has been nominated by industry leader Medical Device Manufacturing News as contender for Top Product/Service of 2013. One of 68 companies in the running, Beahm Designs Multi-Welder (620B) was selected from a diverse collection of components, materials, equipment, and services for excellent medical device design and development.

The Beahm Designs Multi-Welder (620B) offers device manufactures a unique solution to reduce process steps, cost and eliminate operator dependency. This machine is used to perform the principal task of catheter shaft or balloon bonding. The system combines process steps into one cycle, provides a viable alternative to expensive laser welding technology, and stabilizes the process eliminating the risk of operator error.

One System, One Process

Traditionally, catheter tube bonding methods require the use of two manufacturing machines to create seamless and smooth transitions along a shaft. A hot air station for the pre-shrink step, and a radial compression bonder to create the tube joint. The new Multi-Welder renews the process by delivering the ability to pre-shrink the sleeve and then bond or fuse two components together through an exclusive automated single-cycle sequence. The combination of both processes into one machine eliminates operator dependency, increases process stability and yield.

The Technology

This proven technology “Split Die” bonding has been long established in the Medical Device Industry by Beahm Designs over 20 years ago. The technology is currently installed in catheter manufacturing environments throughout the world as a low cost, quick tool alternative to RF and laser bonding of thermoplastic components with varying diameter and radius requirements. This technology now incorporated into the Multi-Welder (620B) produces a wide range of bond widths and diameters including remarkably narrow weld profiles typically seen with lasers. Catheter manufacturers benefit from the ability to perform highly precise, “laser-like bonds for demanding applications such as short balloon bonds and ultra-smooth lap joints.

Hitting the Bottom Line

“We designed this system in response to our customers” Said Brian Beahm CTO of Beahm Designs Inc. “After building numerous custom solutions to address this same issue, we realized an off-the-shelf product was required. The response has been tremendous as customers realize they can place 7 of these machines for the price of one laser system on their manufacturing lines and get the same quality results, and higher manufacturing production.

Users are also reporting improved throughput after eliminating the pre-shrink step, and a consistent reduction in operator error.


About Beahm Designs Since 1990 Beahm Designs is recognized as a global leader in innovating and supplying cost-effective solutions to meet catheter manufacturing demands. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, this privately held company combines innovation and quality with competitive pricing, short lead times and excellent customer service. From tipping and necking to fusing, bonding and shrinking, Beahm Designs provides a full spectrum of proven solutions to catheter manufacturers worldwide.