New Beahm Bonder Delivers Heat Protection and Repeatability to Critical Balloon Welding Process

Posted December 11th, 2008 in News & Updates

Campbell, Ca. December 11, 2008 – Beahm Designs Inc, pioneers in thermoplastic welding systems announces proven Balloon Bonding machine, offering medical device manufacturers a low cost solution and strict control for one of the industry’s most challenging processes.

Catheter balloon bonds are typically achieved using the arduous method of applying adhesives to the bond areas. This approach increases shaft diameter, requires substantial operator dexterity, is plagued with long cycle times and inconsistent yield. Another common technique is with the use of an often cost prohibitive laser welder. These options regularly hamper the R&D and manufacturing progress for medical device manufactures. The new balloon bonder (model 520B) addresses both of the challenges associated with the delicate process of balloon bonds as it mechanizes the process and offers a low cost optimal cost quality solution with fast, laser like results

Featuring an automated cycle with pneumatically activated heat shields, and a pneumatic welding jaw slide/gripper assembly this machine affixes delicate catheter balloons to shafts while preventing balloon distortion from process heat. Equipped with customer specific heat shields, the machine encases the balloon in a small, pneumatically actuated cavity immediately adjacent to the weld area. To further enhance the protection of the component assembly, the machine features retractable die heads during the load/unload process.

“The system meets the drawn out demand for a proven, cost effective solution for fast, reliable balloon welding while also eliminating process steps. ” says Brian Beahm, company CTO.

The 520-B is also ideal for the protection of heat sensitive components of non-balloon type catheters such as electrical components and coils.


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