New Catheter Equipment Showroom Open for Demonstrations and Trials

Posted January 22nd, 2018 in News & Updates

Medical Device engineers invited for hands-on demonstrations and equipment trials.

Milpitas, Ca. – (January 22, 2018) Beahm Designs, Inc. announced today the unveiling of an equipment showroom for Medical Device engineers. Following the opening of the Silicon Valley work room, teams of Manufacturing and R&D Engineers, n

The showroom is intended to create an individualistic experience to problem solving in a confidential hands-on environment. Additionally, Beahm Designs personnel will teach catheter processing engineers new techniques for optimizing manufacturing processes by way of increased yield and reduced cycle times. Beahm Designs’ founder Brian Beahm draws upon thirty years of medical device industry experience to assist manufacturers in identifying the right materials, process equipment and proper tooling for their unique requirements.

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Beahm Designs CEO Anita Beahm states “We’re eager to offer hard working engineers with the opportunity to use their materials to test our equipment for proven and optimized results. We invite our customers to the Try-Before-You-Buy experience to prevent customers from investing in equipment with disappointing results. Since these manufacturing applications often require tailor-made solutions, it’s important for us to collaborate with our customers, and sometimes that involves a hands-on approach”.

Beahm Designs Catheter Equipment showroom is now scheduling appointments for the Tube Bonding installation and will feature a Lamination Equipment starting April 2018. More information is available at:


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Beahm Designs, Inc. is recognized as a global leader in designing, producing and supplying proven and cost-effective solutions to meet medical design and manufacturing demands. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, this privately held company combines innovation and quality with competitive pricing, short lead times and excellent customer service. From tipping and necking to fusing, bonding and shrinking, Beahm Designs provides a full spectrum of proven solutions to catheter manufacturers worldwide.

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