New Improved Balloon and Shaft Bonding Machine Provides Medical Device Manufacturers with Low Cost Solution and Delivers Precision Results

Posted May 17th, 2007 in News & Updates

Campbell, Ca. May 17, 2007 – Beahm Designs Inc, experts in medical device manufacturing techniques announced a new iteration (model 320B) of widely successful balloon and shaft bonding machine.

The Split Die Thermal Bonder incorporates Beahm Designs hallmark bonding technology and repeatably performs high quality heat welds and balloon bonds on thermoplastic catheter tubings of various sizes, durometers and lumen configurations. This improved version offers strict process control by the automation of product positioning, timed heat, timed cool duration, and allows for customer specified weld tooling.

The weld tooling and heat shield can be customized with up to six different sized openings along the length of one jaw. This feature allows the operator to weld several shaft sizes without changing any of the components. These handy machines have a very small footprint and are simple to operate, performing each weld within 5-30 seconds depending on material and tubing size. Welds as narrow as .04 mm can be achieved.

“The goal of this re-design was to alleviate operator dependency during the bond process without compromising the technology that our customers and the industry at large have become accustom to. This has been accomplished with the integration of repeatable product fixturing and additional automation controls” said Brian Beahm, BDI – CTO


About Beahm Designs Beahm Designs Inc., located in Campbell, California, is an industry leader in supplying national and global catheter manufacturers with premier manufacturing equipment. Providing the optimum cost/quality catheter tube processing solutions including Shrinking, Bonding, Tipping, Necking and flaring equipment, Beahm Designs equipment provides solutions for improved catheter productivity, repeatability and ease of use.

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