New Reel to Reel Annealing Oven Now Available!

New Reel to Reel Annealing Oven Now Available!
Posted February 10th, 2021 in News & Updates

Steeger USA has partnered with Thermcraft Inc. to produce a brand new Reel to Reel Annealing Oven. Thermcraft is a trusted laboratory furnace manufacturer who specializes in developing high reliability thermal processing solutions for a variety of research application around the globe.

The Reel to Reel annealing solution that Steeger USA and Thermcraft have developed is an offline process that allows for annealing of Nitinol and a variety of other metals in a continuous process. Some of the valued features include:

  • Heating ability up to 1200°C.
  • 99% Argon Environment
  • Yaskawa Servo Motors
  • Redlion HMI/PLC
  • Inline Tensiometers

This solution was built to enhance flexibility and streamline braiding production with a continue process. Click HERE to learn more about Steeger USA’s new Annealing Oven.