Next Generation Balloon Pleat & Fold Equipment from Machine Solutions Inc. Increases Throughput with Dual In‐Line Processing

Posted July 1st, 2009 in News & Updates

Flagstaff, AZ USA, July, 2009 ‐ Machine Solutions Inc.‐  Machine Solutions Inc. (MSI) is pleased to announce the launch of its new FFS760S Balloon Pleating and Folding Equipment.  The FFS760S offers increased throughput and operator efficiency with the use of dual in‐line Wavepleat™ and fold heads. This machine allows for processing on one set of heads while the other set is being loaded, effectively allowing a single operator to simultaneously control two machines.

“MSI’s continued commitment to advanced automation and process engineering for the medical device industry is highlighted in our latest introduction for pleating and folding angioplasty balloon catheters and stent delivery systems. This new product release is the result of several years of development combined with the most effective technique for processing a wide range of balloon materials,” says Daniel Kasprzyk, CEO of Machine Solutions Inc.

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