Next Generation Swager from Machine Solutions Inc. Reduces   Production Costs with Automated Batch Processing

Posted May 1st, 2009 in News & Updates

Flagstaff, AZ USA, May, 2009 ‐ Machine Solutions Inc.‐  Machine Solutions Inc. (MSI) announces the launch of its next generation SW575S Automated Marker Band Swaging Equipment intended to reduce production costs with automated batch processing.  This machine automatically positions and swages marker bands within tight manufacturing tolerances. Intended for high volume PTCA product manufacturing, the pick and place feeding option allows for continuous, automated processing.

“MSI’s mission has always been to meet customer needs and in this economy increasing productivity is a must.  Now with the new SW575S a single operator can monitor multiple machines which saves time and money on the manufacturing floor,” says Product Manager Melissa Lachowitzer.  “Some of our early adopters of the technology have found that the tight tolerances the machine holds on band position can reduce their post inspection time.”

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