Proven Upgrade Accessory Provides Repeatability to Formerly Operator Dependant Process

Posted June 6th, 2010 in News & Updates

Silicon Valley Company Releases Tubing Bond Accessory to Support Existing Field Population.

Los Gatos, CA – (June 6, 2010) Beahm Designs Inc., announces the release of an accessory item to provide the ultimate in Tube Bond process control and simultaneous versatility. This add- on (AC226) easily attaches to existing catheter Beahm Bonder (model 220B) to support the field population of hundreds of existing systems currently in use by catheter manufactures. The accessory provides optimal product centering within the thermal jaws to provide operators with the ability to repeatably perform highly precise tube and shaft bonds with strict process control. The accessory features interchangeable guide nests and adjustments on the on the X, Y and Z axis to refine accuracy and accommodate a wide variety of product configurations.

First released for beta testing in 2009, this proven technology is currently installed in catheter manufacturing labs throughout the US. The AC226 is the first in a line of accessory items designed to address the need for enhanced functionality without the extra cost and learning curve associated with replacing current equipment. The result is improved performance in terms of output, repeatability and operator safety to the thermal bonding system and process already in place.

Increased Functionality Optimizes Performance

The AC226 assists operators in formulating a wide range of bond widths and diameters including very narrow weld profiles. Catheter manufacturers benefit from the ability to perform highly precise bonds for demanding applications such as short balloon bonds and ultra-smooth lap and butt welds.

“We designed this accessory to provide our customer a means to get more use out of an existing investment. This item greatly enhances the results achieved with the base machine providing our customers with repeatability and process confidence” Said Brian Beahm CFO of Beahm Designs Inc.

First in a series of product enhancement accessories, the AC226 was designed to improve operations at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new equipment. Users are reporting increased output of up to 80%, in addition to a consistent reduction in operator error.


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